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set LIB_NAME "osu018_stdcells"
set DFF_CKQ  0.2; # Clk to Q in technology time units           
set DFF_SETUP  0.0; # Setup time in technology time units               

# Search paths 
set OSUcells [format "%s%s"  [getenv "OSUcells"] "/lib/tsmc018"]

set search_path [concat  $search_path $OSUcells]

set target_library "osu018_stdcells.db"

set symbol_library { }
set link_library $target_library

# Synthetic libraries 
set synlibs {"dw01.sldb" "dw02.sldb" "dw03.sldb" "dw04.sldb" "dw05.sldb" "dw06.sldb" "dw07.sldb" }
set snps [get_unix_variable "SYNOPSYS"]
set synthetic_library { }
foreach i $synlibs {
        lappend synthetic_library  $snps/libraries/syn/$i
        lappend link_library  $snps/libraries/syn/$i

# don't use special clock cells for datapath logic
set_dont_use [get_lib_cells "$LIB_NAME/CLK*"]