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The reading group will meet in E2-209 every Thursday for approximately 1 hour (12:15-1:15). Students will be selected to present an informal discussion of a chosen paper. Credit for the seminar is given based on your participation. You are welcome to bring your lunch.



Date Presenter Paper
1/10/08 - NOT MEETING
1/17/08 Matt M.R. Guthaus, D. Sylvester, R.B. Brown. Clock Tree Synthesis with Data-path Sensitivity Matching, ASPDAC, Seoul, Korea, 2008, IN PRESS.
1/24/08 - NOT MEETING
1/31/08 Yaron Boyd, S. P. and Kim, S. J. Geometric programming for circuit optimization, In Proceedings of the 2005 international Symposium on Physical Design (San Francisco, California, USA, April 03 - 06, 2005). ISPD '05. ACM, New York, NY, 44-46.
1/31/08 Rigo F. Wang, X. Wu and Y. Xie, Variability-Driven Module Selection with Joint Design Time Optimization and Post-Silicon Tuning, ASPDAC 2008.
2/07/08 - NOT MEETING
2/14/08 Sheldon Ketan N. Patel, Igor L. Markov and John P. Hayes. Evaluating Circuit Reliability Under Probabilistic Gate-Level Fault Models, IWLS 2003.
2/14/08 Keven K.-C. Wu and D. Marculescu, Soft Error Rate Reduction Using Redundancy Addition and Removal , ASPDAC 2008.
2/21/08 Jeff Liang, X., Turgay, K., and Brooks, D. Architectural power models for SRAM and CAM structures based on hybrid analytical/empirical techniques. ICCAD, 2007, pp 824-830.
2/21/08 Jeff Cacti
2/28/08 Mohammed Something on thermal modeling...
2/28/08 Linh Xin Li, Taylor, Brian YuTsun Chien, Pileggi, Lawrence T. Adaptive post-silicon tuning for analog circuits: concept, analysis and optimization. ICCAD 2007, pp 450-457.
3/6/08 Rigo? TBD
3/6/08 TBD TBD
3/13/08 TBD TBD
3/13/08 TBD TBD

Potential Papers

  • Cong, J., Shinnerl, J. R., Xie, M., Kong, T., and Yuan, X. 2005. Large-scale circuit placement. ACM Trans. Des. Autom. Electron. Syst. 10, 2 (Apr. 2005), 389-430.