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  • You may only take this class Pass/Fail. (If you do not, you will receive a non-passing grade.)
  • Each week, one person will present ONE paper. Everyone only presents one day.
  • You must select papers that are less than one year old and in top conferences.
  • You must think that the papers are VERY GOOD. To do this, you need to read the paper BEFORE you select it for the group. You may need to read several papers to find a good one.
  • You must post your papers one week prior to your presentation.

Date Presenter Paper
10/05/10 Xuchu An efficient phase detector connection structure for the skew synchronization system (DAC2010)
10/12/10 Seokjoong On the efficacy of write-assist techniques in low voltage nanoscale SRAMs (DATE2010)
10/19/10 No Meeting
10/26/10 Andrew W. Hill Xetal-Pro: An Ultra-Low Energy and High Throughput SIMD Processor (DAC2010)
11/02/10 Jas Condley Design Methodology of High Performance On-Chip Global Interconnect Using Terminated Transmission-Line
11/08/10 9:30am Dr. Paul Morton Thinking Outside the Rectilinear Box: A Mathematical and Algorithmic Foundation for Physical Design using Nonrectilinear Shapes
11/09/10 On MONDAY
11/16/10 Ian A Methodology for Power Aware High-Level Synthesis of Co-processors from Software Algorithms
11/23/10 Sheldon On-chip power network optimization with decoupling capacitors and controlled-ESRs
11/30/10 Chasen Understanding sources of inefficiency in general-purpose chips