280G F11

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Please present a ~1 hour introduction on one topic from the following list:

  • quantum computing
  • resonant tunneling diodes
  • phase change memory
  • feroelectric memory
  • memristors
  • carbon nanotubes
  • graphene devices?
  • organic transistors
  • other?

You can provide a short paper for the group to read, but otherwise, the presentation should be self contained. It should talk about the advantages, disadvantages, problems, pitfalls, current state-of-the-art, etc.

Date Presenter Topic/Paper
09/29/11 NONE
10/06/11 NONE
10/27/11 Jas/Seokjoong ICCAD practice talks
11/03/11 Jas FINFET
11/10/11 Sheldon Logan Quantum Computing
11/17/11 Raj Memristors
11/24/11 HOLIDAY
12/01/11 Seokjoong FRAM or PRAM