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Spring 2008

Date Presenter Paper
4/7/08 Rigo S. N. Adya and I. L. Markov, "Fixed-outline Floorplanning Through Better Local Search" Int'l Conf. On Computer Design (ICCD 2001), pp.328-333.
4/7/08 Sheldon Rao, R. M., Liu, F., Burns, J. L., and Brown, R. B. A Heuristic to Determine Low Leakage Sleep State Vectors for CMOS Combinational Circuits. ICCAD, 2003, pp 689-697
4/14/08 No class (@ ISPD)
4/21/08 Matt Satisfiability (No Paper)
4/28/08 Derek Verilog-A & Current Work
5/5/08 - Out of Town
5/12/08 Jeff B. Mohammad, M. Saint-Laurent, P. Bassett, and J. Abraham. Cache Design for Low Power and High Yield. ISQED, 2008, pp 103-107.
5/19/08 Keven J. Sheaeffer D. Luebke K. Skadron A Hardware Redundancy and Recovery Mechanism for Reliable Scientific Computation on Graphics Processors. ACM, 2007
5/26/08 Nobody No class (Memorial Day)
6/2/08 - No Class
6/9/08 - No Class (@ DAC)