280G S11

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  • You may only take this class Pass/Fail. (If you do not, you will receive a non-passing grade.)
  • Each week, one person will present ONE paper. Everyone only presents one day.
  • You must select papers that are less than one year old and in top conferences.
  • You must think that the papers are VERY GOOD. To do this, you need to read the paper BEFORE you select it for the group. You may need to read several papers to find a good one.
  • You must post your papers one week prior to your presentation.

Date Presenter Paper
04/28/11 Sheldon MAPS: multi-algorithm parallel circuit simulation ICCAD 2008

Parallel program performance modeling for runtime optimization of multi-algorithm circuit simulation DAC 2010

05/12/11 Matt ISCAS practice
05/19/11 Matt out of town
06/02/11 Seokjoong DAC practice
06/02/11 Xuchu DAC practice