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  • You may only take this class Pass/Fail. (If you do not, you will receive a non-passing grade.)
  • Each week, one person will present ONE paper. Everyone only presents one day.
  • You must select papers that are less than one year old and in top conferences.
  • You must think that the papers are VERY GOOD. To do this, you need to read the paper BEFORE you select it for the group. You may need to read several papers to find a good one.
  • You must post your papers one week prior to your presentation.

Date Presenter Paper
01/05/10 None Group Meeting
01/12/10 None mrg Out of Town
01/19/10 Keven Zhe Feng, Yu Hu, Lei He, and Rupak Majumdar IPR: In-Place Reconfiguration for FPGA Fault Tolerance ICCAD 2009
01/26/10 Jas B. Taskin, J. Demaio, O. Farell, M. Hazeltine, and R. Ketner, "Custom topology rotary clock router with tree subnetworks," ACM Transactions on Design Automation of Electronic Systems, vol. 14, 2009, pp. 1-14.
02/02/10 None No class, since we have too many dates.
02/09/10 Sheldon Yao-Wen Chang,Po-Wei Lee and Yi-Lin Chuang."Voltage-drop aware analytical placement by global power spreading for mixed-size circuit designs," ICCAD 2009
02/16/10 Ian Chen, T.-C., Liao, G.-W., Chang, Y.-W. "Predictive Pormulae for OPC With Applications to Lithography-Friendly Routing" IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems 2009
02/25/10 Seokjoong Presentation Practice for Qualification (NOTE: This is on THURSDAY)
03/02/10 Xuchu Presentation Practice for Qualification
03/09/10 Andrew Shafique et al."REMiS: Run-time Energy Minimization Scheme in a Reconfigurable Processor with Dynamic Power-Gated Instruction Set". International Conference on Computer Aided Design (2009)
03/18/10 2:30pm Derek ISQED dry run (NOTE: This is on THURSDAY)