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To export GDS, you can go to File->Export->Stream... in the CIW.

In the new window that opens up, specify a stream file (for example, mult.gds). Select the technology library (NCSU_techlib_FreePDK45). Select YOUR library, top level cell and "layout" as the view.

Click on "Options". The first page should show an option "Translate Entire Hier". Check that or else it will only have shapes at the top level!

For the layer map, use this file:




for CMPE 122/222.

Click on the "Layers" tab. Click on "Load File" and select the file. Click on OK.

Click on "Translate". You will see 8 ERRORs about "Failed to create the new layer purpose pair...", but we are not using those layers so it is ok. You can verify the shapes that were exported by looking at the "strmOut.log" in your directory. It looks like this:

Summary of Objects Translated:

        Scalar Instances:               6
        Array Instances:                0
        Polygons:                       0
        Paths:                          6
        Rectangles:                     49
        Lines:                          0
        Arcs:                           0
        Donuts:                         0
        Dots:                           0
        Ellipses:                       0
        Boundaries:                     0
        Area Blockages:                 0
        Layer Blockages:                0
        Area Halos:                     0
        Markers:                        0
        Rows:                           0
        Standard Vias:                  4
        Custom Vias:                    0
        Pathsegs:                       0
        Text:                           4
        Cells:                          7

You can also stream it out in batch mode like this:

strmout -library mylib -topCell invx1 -layerMap /mada/software/techfiles/FreePDK45/ncsu_basekit/techfile/layers.map -techLib NCSU_TechLib_FreePDK45  -strmFile invx1.calibre.db

You can check that your file exported correctly by:

  1. create a new library but do not attach a technology file
  2. File->Import->Stream...
  3. specify the gds file to translate
  4. specifying the correct "top level" cell
  5. specify the same layer map as before
  6. Verify in the strmIn.log that the numbers of shapes match the above strmOut.log.

If you start over, you will have to delete and re-create the library, because otherwise you get an error that a technology library is already attached.