Hierarchical Design and Floorplanning

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Introduction- This is a tutorial on how to do floorplanning, and place and route. Essentially backend design and customization. The front-end synthesize is done with Synopsys Design Compiler and back-end is done with SOC Encounter. Following this tutorial will lead to a final GDSII of your layout. Both utilities are available on mosis4.cse.ucsc.edu or mada*, bacon servers.

Pre-Reqs- This tutorial will make extensive use of the scripting language Tcl. The links below contain some good tutorials on tcl.


Tcl is used to tell design compiler(Synopsys) and SoC Encounter(Cadence) what to do and allows for easy automation from RTL to GDSII.

1. Depending on which standard/custom cell library you are using you will need to specify the path to that directory. This tutorial will use Oklahoma State University Standard Cell Library. The path is defined by setting the environment variable(bash shell), you may want to add this to your .bashrc file so it loads at login.

export OSUcells=/mada/software/techfiles/osu_soc_v2.7/cadence

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