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Connecting Remotely

From Linux/Unix

First of all, the tools are only set up on servers ( and for CMPE222/223, your specific lab machine in CMPE125/CMPE126, or on any of the mada machines for the MASC and VLSI research groups).

You can run them remotely on the machines by exporting your X display:

ssh -Y


ssh -Y

and you must have an X11 client on your computer. Suggested X11 clients are

  1. in OSX
  2. Xorg's XFree86 in Linux
  3. Xming in Windows

You can do this from home if you have a fast internet connection. Otherwise, you must use the computing labs.

Win32 Xming Setup

To display on a win32 machine (vista), you should do this:

  1. Install xming from
  2. Install Xming fonts from
  3. Install putty from
  4. Start Xming
  5. start putty (an SSH client)
  6. in the "SSH->Tunnels" page of putty, click on "Enable X forwarding"
  7. In the Session page of putty, write the hostname ( You can also write your username like this Hit "Save" to save the session for future use
  8. Hit "Open" to start your session

Any X application (e.g. xcalc) should now work by displaying to your local machine

Setting up the CAD Tools

You can check your shell by typing:

echo $0

Setup with bash

In your .bashrc file make sure you use our CAD tool setup:

source /projects/cmpe122/ (source /mada/software/ for VLSI-DA lab)

If you plan on using FreePDK45, you must also add this to the .bashrc:

source /projects/cmpe122/ (source /mada/software/ for VLSI-DA lab)

You must now log out and log back in to get the new setup.

Setup with csh or tcsh

Run bash. These shells do not work and are not supported. You can request bash from ITS as your default shell or you can manually run "bash" each time. Or, as a quick hack, you can add this to your .tcshrc configuration file:

export SHELL=/bin/bash; exec $SHELL

The above command will run a copy of bash every time you log in. **NOTE: Can someone verify this? My default shell isn't tcsh. I'm not sure if it will source your .profile/.bashrc files or not.