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Technology Setup

This descsribes how to configure the software on the MOSIS cluster (e.g. mosis4) and the private mada cluster to use all CAD tools.

Full-Custom Tutorials

This is a collection of tutorials primarily for CMPE222. These emphasize a full-custom chip design flow using the NCSU CDK and MOSIS SCMOS design rules.

Standard-Cell Tutorials

This is a collection of tutorials primarily for CMPE223. These emphasize a standard-cell chip design flow using the Oaklahoma State cell library.

VLSI/Design Automation Group

Prof. Matthew Guthaus' research group.

Paper/Thesis Guide

Some useful information on how I recommend to write/edit papers.

VLSI Reading Group

Starting in Winter 2008, there will be a weekly seminar (CMPE 280G) on VLSI and Design Automation. This is where the schedule and possible papers are organized.

Hierarchical Design

This is a tutorial on how to do floorplanning, and place and route. Essentially backend design and customization. The front-end synthesize is done with Synopsys Design Compiler and back-end is done with SOC Encounter. Following this tutorial will lead to a final GDSII of your layout. Both utilities are available on or mada*, bacon servers. Coming Soon!

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.